We are a new style of Gastroenterology office and endoscopy center.


It’s all in the name – COMPREHENSIVE. Today’s informed patients want to focus on understanding the underlying causes of their digestive issues rather than just being prescribed a medication to alleviate symptoms. We will guide this diagnostic process with meticulous care and attention. We recognize how complex the interactions are between an individual’s personal health history, genetics, nutrition, gut microbiome, and mind-gut connection. One size does not fit all. Our team coordinates a systematic approach to identify and tailor the treatment program that works best for YOUR life and preferences.

Our eye-opening journey of learning and developing a different strategy of care has evolved over the past several years. As gastroenterologists trained at The University of Chicago in traditional Western medicine, our awareness and fund of knowledge regarding the principles of complementary and alternative medicine were limited. We found ourselves frustrated and disappointed when our best efforts with diagnostic tests, endoscopic procedures, and pharmacologic therapies would fail to improve a patient’s symptoms.

It was evident that increasing numbers of people were hesitant to jump to medications and were more interested in alternative non-pharmaceutical options. Western medicine has been slow and somewhat reluctant to embrace these alternative strategies. Despite this resistance, the general public has proceeded to spend billions of dollars on nutritional interventions and supplements. Unfortunately, many of the dietary programs and products advertised are not supported by credible scientific evidence. We became determined to learn about the alternative modalities that DO have the research to support their widespread use. Our interest in identifying these holistic solutions was driven not by the field of gastroenterology, but by our patients’ motivation and queries. We thank you all for that inspiration.

We are also aware that patients have become increasingly frustrated by the limitations of large impersonal medical practices. We at Comprehensive Gastrointestinal Health aim to create a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment where patients’ needs are front and center. We want the process of scheduling appointments to be efficient and effortless. We want endoscopic procedures to feel as stress-free as possible.

With patient health and wellness as our top priority, we have assembled a like-minded team of support professionals. We are dedicated to continually educating ourselves on the latest research and developments regarding using food as medicine, creating a healthy gut microbiome, and optimizing the connection between the mind and the gut. With this knowledge, our team will help identify factors that you can influence or control and guide you through the overwhelming options flooding the marketplace.

The team wants to empower YOU to impact change on your gastrointestinal health. Educating patients on the causes and treatments that affect their digestive system is a priority. We hope the creation of this meaningful physician-patient partnership will help individuals replace feelings of helplessness with means of empowerment. Please do not mistake our enthusiasm for alternative treatment options as disdain for traditional gastroenterology. We will simultaneously remain up to date on and be ready to prescribe all the best innovations that standard Western medicine has to offer when necessary and appropriate.

By consolidating these expert resources in one easy to access location and creating a collaborative team approach to coordinate your care, we have tried to reduce barriers to achieving your best digestive health and overall well-being. Our team welcomes the opportunity to assist you in fulfilling your wellness goals.

– Tara Troy, M.D. Founder and Gastroenterologist at Comprehensive Gastrointestinal Health

– Jeff Nathanson, M.D. Partner and Gastroenterologist at Comprehensive Gastrointestinal Health

How Are We Different?

We understand that a colonoscopy will never be considered a “fun” experience. We aim to make the process as pleasant, effortless, and efficient as possible, while simultaneously maintaining the highest quality and safety standards.

  • Relax and recover in your own soundproofed private bay with a television, charging station, and laptop workstation for you and your companion.
  • Studies have shown that listening to music can contribute to a more pleasant patient experience. You choose the music preference to relax to while you are cared for!
  • Enjoy a delicious smoothie filled with important prebiotics and probiotics to help restore a healthy gut microbiome after your procedure.
  • We value your time and make every effort to optimize efficiency without affecting our careful devotion to detail. Average time from start to finish for procedures is only two hours.
  • If your companion would like to run errands, check out this map of all the nearby shopping and dining options.
  • We devote more time to reviewing your procedure findings and educating you on their significance.
  • Premier location.
  • Evening office hours.
  • Saturday procedures and office hours.
  • Minimized paperwork. Of course, there are still forms to fill out, but we have tried our best to reduce any time-wasting redundancy.

Our clinic coordinators answer our phones.

  • No call centers for our small office. During business hours, our team members answer the phone and are eager to help address your needs.

Extended phone hours.

  • We want to make it as easy as possible for you to reach us.

Friendly patient portal.

  • Ready access to your secured health records.
  • We have embraced electronic communication via the patient portal. We know how challenging it is to connect with a doctor’s office on the telephone. Just email us and we will get back to you promptly.

Telemedicine options.

  • Today’s connected patient wants to waste less time on travel and in the waiting room. With simply a compatible device, internet connection, microphone, and webcam – a patient can now receive care from some of our practitioners.

Prompt communication with your other health professionals.

  • We know how important it is to keep your entire health team updated on your diagnostic evaluation and treatment plans. We do not want this burden placed on you. We will share your progress with the caregivers of your choice in a timely manner.

Coordinated and collaborative care between your gastroenterologist, nurse practitioner, dietitian, and counselor – YOU don’t have to be the messenger. The burden of communication is on us.

Emphasis on your education and understanding.

Closer follow up to assess your response and tailor your individualized treatment plan.

Eager to tackle challenging GI conditions.

  • Functional GI Disorders (including Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
    • Patients often feel hopeless and frustrated by the lack of attention and effective treatment options provided by physicians.
    • The desire for more holistic solutions, including dietary and behavioral counseling, is rapidly increasing.
    • Our program is designed to help these individuals reduce the frequency and intensity of their symptoms so that they can simply think about their gut less and enjoy life more.
  • Weight Management
    • We are closely following the latest discoveries about the role that the gut microbiome has in metabolism, as well as the role of gut hormones in appetite and weight regulation. We are eager to implement the next generation of therapies that emerge from these studies.
    • Strong evidence supports the idea that a combined intervention is far more effective for weight loss and maintenance than any single approach alone.
    • Nutritional changes, behavioral coaching, optimizing sleep, physical activity, and the gut microbiome are offered along with potential medications or referrals for endoscopic or surgical weight loss interventions.


Hear directly from our team members.

  • "My mission is to reduce as many barriers as possible so that every patient has the access and comfort to optimize their own gastrointestinal health in a truly comprehensive manner."
    Tara Troy Gastroenterologist
  • "I pride myself on being a compassionate provider that listens to my patient's concerns while using integrative approaches to help guide treatment plans."
    Liz Moon Nurse Practitioner
  • "My mission is to provide evidenced-based nutrition knowledge that assists patients with optimizing their digestive health and minimizing gastrointestinal discomfort through dietary modifications."
    Claire Allen MS RDN LDN
  • “My mission is to use a multidisciplinary approach in harnessing the latest advances in gastroenterology to achieve the health and GI wellness goals of each unique individual.”
    Jeffrey Nathanson Gastroenterologist
  • "I strive to translate current science into customized nutrition strategies for the improved gastrointestinal health of all our patients."
    Julie Adams Registered Dietitian
  • "My goal is to provide you with a positive, nurturing, and collaborative experience that encourages and supports your journey to better overall health and well-being."
    Jed Foster Behavioral Coach and Counselor