Patient Testimonials

Everything went extremely smooth from check in to check out. Everyone I came in contact with was very pleasant and genuinely wanted to make me feel comfortable. Dr. Troy gave me a detailed report following the procedure and made it easy for me to understand. I would highly recommend Comprehensive Gastrointestinal Health.

William B. 6/28/19

If it wasn’t for the kind supportive attitude of Dr. Troy and her staff I would have not been able to go through with my colonoscopy. The spa like facility was a big factor in my decision to use Comprehensive Gastrointestinal Health as well! The anesthesiologist was top notch too. This was the best experience for a colonoscopy I could have hoped to have. Everyone made the experience the least stressful it could be and were very understanding and helpful – anesthesiologist was fabulous so was Dr. Troy of course!! I wouldn’t have been able to go through with it if not for her supportive and understanding attitude – top notch and spa like facility!!

Carol B. 6/19/19

Highly recommend Dr. Troy! She is one of the most personable and caring doctors I’ve ever met. She makes sure to answer all of your questions and doesn’t make you feel rushed. Her staff is also extremely friendly!

Kelly M. 6/17/19

Everything was top notch. All of the pre-op notices and text messages were very helpful.

Richard L. 6/17/19

Dr. Troy and her group are the best! I felt incredibly welcome the second I arrived for my appointment and procedure. I also felt comfortable and confident as it was clear all were very knowledgeable and well-trained. I knew I was in good hands!

Joni K. 6/14/19

After having 3 colonoscopies at a major local hospital that were adequate, I was very impressed with much higher level of service at Comprehensive. The facility was spa-like, with choice of music, and selection of healthy food/smoothie options. More importantly, staff was very friendly, relational, and professional. They explained the procedure, listened to questions, and were efficient. I highly recommend Dr. Troy and her staff as well as the anesthesiologist crew, Dr. Mark and James. I highly recommend Comprehensive—professional and reasonably priced.

Craig T. 6/13/19

I highly recommend this place because they treated me very well and cared for me. I loved the attention I received and the careful work they put in.

Reina T. 6/1/19

Dr. Troy really made me feel comfortable and at ease. They took the time to answer all of my questions. I appreciate that Dr. Troy provides a comprehensive program that doesn’t just end with providing the results of my colonoscopy – I am learning what I can do to improve my health. I sincerely appreciate the great care that she and her team provide! I trust that I’m in good hands!

Deb P. 5/7/19

They exhibited first class professionalism, extreme knowledge and tremendous care. I would certainly recommend their services. Thanks for the professional and comfortable experience.

Jim J. 5/7/19

I felt completely cared for by the staff and everyone involved in my procedure. I really liked receiving the reminder emails. Dr. Troy is the best of the best! Thank you so much.

Marian M. 4/26/19

From start to finish I had a fantastic experience at CGH. Prior to my procedure I received detailed instructions of how to prepare for my procedure. The morning of, walking into the state of the art colonoscopy center right away I knew my experience was going to be positive. I was immediately greeted by Diane and taken back to get ready for the procedure. The rooms were tastefully decorated and there were lots of amenities to help you relax prior to the procedure, including my favorite…warm blankets. I enjoyed reading through the binder which explained in detail the entire procedure along with the importance of screening colonoscopies!!! The binder also gave me a list of different music we could listen to during the procedure along with gut healthy first food/drink replenishments post procedure… it is wonderful that Dr. Troy wants the first food intake to be one that will help restore a healthy gut! And…..I would recommend the chocolate smoothie…….! The procedure itself was super smooth, anesthesia was very well explained by the attending physician and Dr. Troy was there with me as I was drifting off….. Next thing I remember (about 20 minutes later I am told) I was up and drinking my smoothie and ready to head home….. The rest of the day I felt a little tired but absolutely great! I am so grateful for the care and ease of the procedure….. I highly recommend Dr. Troy and CGH!!

Shayne W. 4/15/19

I LOVE the practice, Dr. Troy and the entire staff I have come in contact with. Everyone has been especially kind and knowledgeable. How wonderful to be able to have a colonoscopy procedure and not have to go into to a hospital environment, but rather be in a beautiful setting with caring staff that work with Dr. Troy.

Paula E. 4/12/19

I had delayed this important exam for seven years. Had I known that it would be such a comfortable and easy process, I would have done it sooner! The team at Comprehensive Gastrointestinal Health was very patient, handling all of my questions and concerns and put me at ease immediately. I highly recommend Dr. Troy and her team for any gastrointestinal health concerns. The entire team was welcoming and patient. I very much appreciate how easy this was to schedule and the care the team took with me throughout the process.

F. Clements 3/17/19

I had been treated by Dr. Troy 5 years ago, but needed to change to another doctor because my insurance changed. I was so excited when I found out Dr. Troy opened her own practice and that she accepted my new insurance. My entire experience was very comfortable and relaxed. All of my questions were answered before my procedure. The facility is very private and quiet. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. These types of procedures can be stressful, but I wasn’t anxious at all. Thank you, Dr. Troy and your staff at Comprehensive Gastrointestinal Health. I loved the facility. It was so nice to not feel stressed or rushed. My entire experience was extremely positive.

Andi S. 3/1/19

The offices are new and clean and relaxed; they don’t feel clinical. I especially enjoyed the creative use of toilet paper as tastefully placed wall decor in the clinic bathroom. Someone has a sense of humor. Staff was friendly, professional and efficient. Being able to choose music and post procedure snack options was surprising. Taking home a printout of the procedure with colored photos and an explanation was an amazing use of technology – seemed almost magical – especially coupled with the Lindor chocolates. Thank you. The staff managed to turn an unpleasant procedure into a pleasant experience.

Nancy R. 2/27/19

The team is awesome! The care, concern, speed of results, communication and friendliness is one of the best experiences I have ever had within the medical field. Thank you for everything you do it is greatly appreciated!
Rick A. 2/15/19

The facility is clean and beautiful. Staff is compassionate and skilled. Dr. Troy was great.
Kathy L. 1/24/19

I have had Ulcerative Colitis for over 20 years now and have seen many GI doctors but none as wonderful as Dr. Troy. She truly takes her time to listen and be completely through. She is an amazing doctor and I wish more doctors shared her wonderful disposition and ability to care about her patients.
Erin P. 1/23/19

Dr. Troy and her staff are incredibly caring and thoughtful! She answered every question and spent quality time. I highly recommend her.
Ann C. 1/16/19

I had an amazing experience and they made me feel very comfortable despite having to drink the prep solution all night long. They were very kind and took care of me very well. Dr. Troy was very caring and explain everything perfectly. I would totally recommend!
Hannah W. 1/11/19

Dr. Troy and her staff are professional, caring, and committed to providing a comprehensive solution for your diagnosis. I highly recommend them.
Catherine A. 1/7/19

Thanks Dr. Troy for seeking to find solutions to my pain, not just band-aid the problem! You are a wonderful and patient doctor that listens so well! Every step of the way your staff was approachable and professional from the moment I stepped in the door.
Lydia C. 12/31/18

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