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We listen carefully. We evaluate meticulously. Then we provide personalized care with exceptional quality and sincere compassion.

A comprehensive approach is what sets our team apart. We are responding to our savvy patients’ requests to get at the root of their problems, and not just prescribe a medication to cover up their symptoms.

We work to identify factors that contribute to digestive issues that the patient can influence or control. We hope to enter into a meaningful partnership that helps individuals replace feelings of helplessness and frustration with empowerment and well-being.

By incorporating nutrition, the mind-gut connection, and the health of the gut microbiome into standard practice, we aim to achieve a higher level of gastrointestinal care.


We offer quality, safety, and efficiency in a convenient and comfortable environment.

When you visit our endoscopy suite you can expect to receive an exceptional health care experience. Our knowledgeable and caring clinical staff, top notch anesthesiologists, and experienced gastroenterologist will provide the finest care with the most up to date technology.

Plan your visit to our office and endoscopy suite.

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We offer a truly comprehensive approach.

Colon Cancer Prevention & Diagnostic Evaluation

Individualized Dietary Counseling to Help Treat & Prevent Disease

Careful Evaluation of the Upper GI Tract

Gut-Directed Techniques to Optimize the Mind-Gut Connection

State of the Art Technology to Examine the Small Intestine

Comprehensive Strategy to Help Accomplish Your Goals

Meticulous Evaluation by an Experienced Gastroenterologist

Empower Yourself to Impact Your Own Gastrointestinal Health

Our team of caregivers is eager to help with all of your digestive health needs. We provide thorough diagnostic evaluations and tailored treatment plans that work to make your life better. Let us help you optimize your gastrointestinal well-being.


Visit our brand-new and easy-to-access location.

Just off highway 94 in Northbrook.

No call centers for our small office. We answer the phone and are eager to help you navigate communicating in the complicated health care world.

Chicago Botanic Garden, Northbrook Court, and numerous shops and restaurants.

We value your time and want you to have flexible options.

Easier preparation options, pleasant environment, and little touches to create a more enjoyable experience for you and your companions.

Privacy protected email, text, and telemedicine via our easy-to-navigate patient portal.


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